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2011 Predictions

I thought that this was some interesting information that you might like to see about the real estate market:

Top Ten Real Estate Predictions

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A new way to sell real estate???

A  new way to sell real estate???

In real estate, as in all areas of life, technology is changing at ever increasing rate. Tried methods of building long term realationships are crucial to success. But in todays, multimedia, web based, smart phone connected world a realtor needs to stay abreast of the latest trends in order to do an effective job of marketing your home. Many realtors are still using brouchure dispensers on the lawn. People drive by, take the brouchure, use it to find an excuse to lose interest in the home and drive off into the sunset, never to be seen again - nice. At RE/MAX Platinum, we have access to a 24 / 7 recorded info line for our clients, that gives instant curbside info to prospective buyers while allowing us to capture caller ID and follow up.</p>
 These videos of my new listings not only showcase these homes to thier best advantage, they are also syndicated to multiple websites - maximizing internet exposure. In addition, they will have sign riders that show thier web address and include "QR Codes / Bar Codes" that people simply point thier smart phone at and instantly see the video right on thier phone. How cool is that? Can your old fashioned Realtor do that?

American Cancer Society - Please Help

The Brighton Michigan Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society is being held May21st and May 22cd this year at the Brighton High School Track.  I have volunteered to be the captain of RE/MAX Platinum's Team and I need your help.   

First; I would like to ask all of you to please contribute to American Cancer Society.  It is an absolutely great organization.  ACS does basic cancer research, provides support groups, provides in depth, detailed information to people fighting cancer, and provides material and emotional support for people fighting cancer.  The link below will take you to my ACS page where you can make a secure donation to ACS, and / or join our team as well as find detailed information about the event. 

Ray's American Cancer Society Page

Second; I would like to invite you to attend the event.  It will be a moving, meaningful, and fun event.  You will not want to miss the Luminaria.  Many teams will be represented at the event.  During the event, RE/MAX Platinum's Team plans to sell bounce house rides, do face painting, sell acupuncture treatments, sell theraputic massage treatments, and, weather permitting, sell tethered hot air balloon rides early Saturday morning in order to raise money for ACS.  We also have a number of fund raisers planned leading up to the event, including; a party at Barnstormers, a homemade food auction, and a pop can drive.  I will list times and locations for these events in another blog on Monday.

Finally; consider volunteering for the ACS - Cancer Prevention Study - 3

Real Estate Market Fluctuations

I think that the real estate market is going to be far more volatile in the future than it has been in the past. The bankers who pulled the economic rugs out from under our feet with these sub-prime mortgages did so based on  economic models that said that real estate values would never fall...  Of course they were going to fall!  It is a market.  Prices go up, prices go down.  Long term trends may be up - at least until the starship Enterprise can take us to brave new worlds... But there are going to be fluctuations.

Prices went up for so long because people thought that prices could not go down. Now we are painfully aware that they can go down, so even after prices rebound, periodic fears and "panics" will cause them to go down more often than they have in the past. 

The bad news in this is that real estate will be a more risky investment. 

However the fantastic news in this is that there is going to be even more money to be made by those us who are willing to be counter-cyclical.  Buy during the panics (like now), sell during the rebounds.  Most people's real estate investment strategies will shift towards long term buy and hold strategies which is also an excellent plan.  In either case, now is the time to buy...

Auto Bailout

These are scary economic times. If one or more of the big three auto makers go down, the loss of active auto worker's jobs would be devastating to the national economy and even more so to Michigan's economy. But the loss of pensions would make the pain even worse. GM, for example, pays out about 7 billion dollars per year in pensions. If GM goes bankrupt, it will bankrupt the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) which taxpayers will have to bail out. GM retirees will probably lose about 3.5 billion dollars per year in income which will depress economic activity by that amount all over the nation. Foreclosures will go up. The economic effects will be felt everywhere. Then there is health care for hundreds of thousands of GM retirees, add that to the cost of national health care, or pay for it through non-paying emergency room visits, or pay for it through bankrupt hospitals and reduced doctors salaries... I am GM retiree with 40 years of service. In spite of the pain and uncertainty, every crisis bears with it an opportunity. We have advanced awareness of this impending crisis that is approaching and "forewarned is forearmed." We now have an opportunity to aggressively market homes that we may need sell before the train comes off the rails.
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